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Large Capacity Keihin Carb Billet Bowls
Part: CP-49-2
Chariot Performance TWO Keihin Billet Bowls for 34 PJ, 35, 36, 38, 39 PWK Carburetors. These Bowls are Designed to Weigh LESS With MORE Capacity Than The Competition, for Better Performance.
$ 169.00

Lectron Billet Dual Outlet Float Bowls
Part: PEBB
Packard Enterprises now has in their inventory billet dual outlet float bowls for sale that have a 200% fuel capacity over what the stock float bowls carry. These float bowls are two part and 0-ringed for excellent sealing surfaces. These are the float bowls we run on all of our small twins. With the additional fuel capacity, it has reduced the need on many applications to run a fuel pump.
$ 150.00